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Issue Date: 2008, March

Jim Widner Tracking the Measure of Progress

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Yesterdays & Today

  1. Blues At Drury

  2. Beautiful Love
  3. Yesterdays

  4. ASAP
  5. You Don't Know What Love Is
  6. Festival

  7. My Foolish Heart
  8. Milton's Blues

  9. Forgotten Thoughts
  10. Days of Wine and Roses
  11. Just a Skosh


Yesterdays & Today 

Alto Saxes – Kim Richmond, lead, flute -  Kim Park, flute

Tenor Saxes – Bill Perkins,flute - Rick DiMuzio, flute

Bari Sax – Jon Stone, Bass Clarinet

Trumpets – John Harner, Mike Vax, Clay Jenkins, Dave Scott

Rick Stitzel on tracks 7,8,& 9

Tijuana Julian on tracks 3 & 7

Trombones – Paul McKee, Bruce Paulson, Ron Anson, Eric Swanson – Bass,

Mike Suter, Bass

Rhythm SectionRay Kennedy, piano – Brian Harman, guitar – Gary Hobbs, drums –

Jim Widner, bass – Kris Berg, bass on tracks 4,5,6,& 9

Body and soul

Body and Soul

  1. Lucy's Revenge
  2. Yours is My Heart Alone

  3. Embraceable You
  4. Body and Soul 
  5. Continues Obscurity 
  6. You've Changed 

  7. Overdrive 
  8. Slim Jim
  9. Theme From Ice Castles 

  10. Caravan 




Body & Soul

Alto Saxes – Kim Richmond,lead, flute – Kim Park – Flute

Tenor Saxes – Bill Perkins, Rick DiMuzio

Bari – Jon Stone

Trumpets – John Harner, Mike Vax, Clay Jenkins, Dave Scott

Rick Stitzel on track 2

Tijuana Julian on Tracks 1 & 9, flugelhorn on tracks 5 & 6

Trombones – Conrad Herwig, Bob Burgess, Ron Anson, John Wasson, Bass

Rhythm Section – Ray Kennedy, piano - Sean Hennessy, guitar

Gary Hobbs, drums – Jim Widner bass, Kris Berg, bass on tracks 5,6,& 7 


Rides Again

Rides Again

  1. Little Gus

  2. Alright Okay

  3. The meaning of the Blues
  4. Big Sur
  5. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

  6. Trump Card Suite I
  7. Trump Card Suite II
  8. Mood Indigo
  9. Out Of Nowhere

  10. Rhythm-A-Ning




“Live”, The Jim Widner Big Band Rides Again

Alto Saxes – Kim Richmond,lead, flute - Dave Pietro, flute

Tenor Saxes, Rick DiMuzio,flute Bill Perkins, flute

Bari – Jon Stone, bass clarinet

Trumpets – John Harner, Mike Vax, Clay Jenkins, Dave Scott, Rick Stitzel,

Tijuana Julian

Trombones – Paul McKee, Brett Stamps, Ron Anson, Douglas Purviance, Bass

Rhythm Section – Reggie Thomas, piano – Gary Hobbs, drums –

Rich Stitzel, auxillary percussion- Brian Harman, guitar – Jim Widner, bass 


flyin high

Flying High

  1. Juba
  2. Urgency

  3. Everything Happens to Me
  4. Forgotten Dreams
  5. Emily (Theme From The Americanization of Emily)

  6. Seven On Charlie

  7. Why Should I Care
  8. Big Pocket
  9. Last Night When We Were Young
  10. Cherokee


Flying High

Alto Saxes – Kim Richmond, flute, clarinet – Dave Pietro, flute

Tenor Saxes – Bill Perkins, flute -  Pete Gallio, flute

Bari Sax – Jon Stone

Trumpets – John Harner, Mike Vax, Clay Jenkins, Dave Scott,

Rick Stitzel & Tijuana Julian

Trombones – Brett Stamps, Paul McKee, David Stamps, Eric Swanson,

Corey Fritz (Track 4)

Rhythm section – Phil DeGreg, piano- Gary Hobbs, drums – Rick Haydon, guitar –

Jim Widner, bass 

out of this world cd

Out of This World

  1. Out Of This World
  2. Alone Together
  3. Embrace
  4. You Must Believe In Spring
  5. Time After Time
  6. Horizon Under
  7. When You're Smiling
  8. I Can't Get Started
  9. Poetry




Out of This World

Alto saxes: Kim Richmond (lead) - Dave Pietro* - Wayne Delano***

Tenor Saxes: Pete Gallio - Mary Fettig* - Chip McNeill***

Bari Sax: Jon Stone* - Gary Anderson***

Trombones: Brett Stamps (lead)* - Paul McKee* - Dave Stamps* - Cody Henry** - Scott Whitfield (lead)*** - Pete Madsen***

Bass Trombone: Tom Matta* - Matt Hoormann***

Trumpets:John Harner (lead) - Mike Vax - Clay Jenkins* - Dave Scott - Tijuana Julian**** - Allen Beeson*** - Andy Tichnor***

Piano: Chip Stephens* - Ken Kehner***
Bass: Jim Widner
Drums: Gary Hobbs
Guitar: Bob Borgtede

*Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,9  **Tracks 1,2,4,7,8 ***Tracks 4,7,8 ****Tracks 6,9

out of this world cd

And The Beat Goes On

  1. Begin The Beguine
  2. Everytime We Say Goodbye
  3. Pennies From Heaven
  4. Smile
  5. Terrestris
  6. Willow Weep For Me
  7. The Queen Of Mean
  8. What A Wonderful World
  9. The Beat Goes On


And The Beat Goes On


Begin The Beguine 3:48 (Cole Porter) WB Music Corp. Arr. by Bill Holman Soloists: John Harner - Trumpet; Stan Harper - Tenor Sax

Everytime We Say Goodbye 5:50 (Cole Porter) Chappell & Co. Arr. by Kim Richmond Soloist: Davey Scott - Trumpet

Pennies From Heaven 5:54 (A. Johnston / J. Burke) Chappell & Co. Arr. by Scott Whitfield Soloists: Scott Whitfield - Trombone/Vocals; Kim Richmond - Alto Sax; Gary Hobbs - Drums

Smile 4:20 (Chaplin/Turner/Parsons) Bourne Co. Soloists: Chip McNeill - Tenor Sax; Ken Kehner - Piano

Terrestris 8:59 (Tom Harrell) Influx Music Arr. by: Larry Panella / Soloists: Ken Kehner - Piano; Dave Pietro - Alto Sax; Rod Fleeman - Guitar; Chip McNeill - Tenor Sax; Gary Hobbs - Drums

Willow Weep For Me 4:30 (Ann Ronell) Bourne Co. Arr. by: Kim Richmond Soloist: Kim Richmond - Alto Sax

The Queen Of Mean 7:55 (Brett Stamps) Brett Stamps Music Arr. by: Brett Stamps Soloists: Brett Stamps - Trombone: Rod Fleeman - Guitar; Daave Pietro - Alto Sax

What A Wonderful World 6:21 (Rover Theilo / George David Wiess) Larry Spier Music LLC OBO Abilene Music LLC / Quartet Music Inc. / Range Road Music, Inc Arr. by: Bob Secor / Soloists: Mike Vax - Trumpet; Dave Pietro - Alto Sax

The Beat Goes On 5:04 ( Sonny Bono) Mechanical Copyright Protection Society, Ltd. / Wixen Music Publishing OBO Chris-Marc Music Arr. by: Alan Baylock Soloists: Chip McNeill - Tenor Sax; Hermon Mehari - Trumpet; John Harner - Lead Trumpet; Scott Whitfield, - Lead Trombone

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